Monday, September 15, 2008

Since Young

‘I have been a James Bond fan since young’ (reader letter, New Paper, 7 August 2008).

Since young is a very common expression in Singapore, but it’s actually non-standard, since in Standard English (StdE) a preposition (in this case since) is normally followed by a noun, pronoun or some other constituent functioning like a noun. The StdE equivalent would be since my childhood or since I was young.


silvia tizian said...

Dear Ludwig
I've a question for this item. I had an English exam yesterday where I wrote " since young" . Maybe I should have written "since young age", according to your explanation. It was a translation from italian " fin da giovani".. Do you think it is a big mistake?( it's a university exam..)
Thank you a lot!!

Ludwig Tan said...

Hello, Silvia Tizian

Sorry for this very late reply! Yes, I think "since young" is not very standard, but I "since a young age" is probably more acceptable. Hope you did well in the exam!