Monday, August 18, 2008

Grammar on a Banana

Here’s proof that opportunities for language learning and teaching are all around us, if only we care to look.

Instead of the usual sticker on a banana peel with the grower’s or distributor’s name and country of origin, this one exhorts: Buy Me & Win Space Chimps Movie Tickets.

As a grammar teacher, I could use this unexpected resource to teach at least three grammar points:

a. Imperatives: Buy me, Win ....

b. Sentence types: two main clauses coordinated by and give us a compound sentence.

c. Noun phrases: Space Chimps Movie Tickets is a sequence of four nouns forming a noun phrase, of which Tickets is the head noun and the rest, premodifying nouns.


Kaka said...

Here's something from STOMP...

Interesting. (^_^)

The Grammar Terrorist said...

Thanks, Kaka!