Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Subject–Agreement Errors

‘The risk of losing their lives or getting into trouble do not matter’ (subhead, Straits Times, 10 December 2007). Make it does, since the head of the noun phrase, risk, is singular.

‘When the prices of new cars rise, the value of used cars rise too’ (Straits Times, 30 April 2008). Make it rises, since the head noun, value, is singular.

‘Six new SBS Transit Services for CBD Commuters Starts Monday’ (Today headline, 20 April 2008). Services is a plural head noun; hence, make it start.


Anonymous said...

Tsk~ the editors/ journalists should have a "grammar 101" lesson with you.

The Grammar Terrorist said...

Maybe I'm being too harsh -- it's easy to make these sorts of errors, especially in speech, when you can't check back to see whether the head noun is plural or singular!