Monday, September 24, 2007

Spot The Errors

‘[Alex] Man’s behaviour offscreen, like his off-colour remarks to show host Quan Yifeng, have also ruffled feathers’ (caption, Straits Times Life!, 21 September 2007).

Make it behaviour ... has: Man’s behaviour offscreen ... has ruffled feathers.

‘Her œuvre of work ranges from race relations to domestic politics’ (Today, 21 September 2007).

Œuvre in French means ‘work’; as a borrowing into English it means ‘the works produced by an artist, composer, or writer, regarded collectively’ (Oxford English Dictionary). Hence, the tautologous œuvre of work means ‘work of work’. What the writer wanted was body of work (or simply œuvre).

‘Porn and racist websites raise eyeballs’ (Today headline, 21 September 2007).

At least this one’s funny. Make it raise eyebrows.

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