Monday, April 23, 2007

Happy Birthday, William!

Today, April 23rd, is a triply important date.

Not only is it the day William Shakespeare died (in 1616), it is also reputedly the day he was born. (Why reputedly? Because in those days it was the custom to record the date of baptism — in Shakespeare’s case, April 26, 1564 — rather than the date of birth.)

That’s not all. Today is also St George’s Day. St George, as you may know, is (among other things) the patron saint of England.

If you’re a student or teacher or lover of English, there can’t be many dates more significant than this!


sauerkraut said...

You can change your date in your post by going to the posting options at the bottom of your draft whenever you're typing in your post.

Just FYI.

The Grammar Terrorist said...

Thanks so much for the tip; I really appreciate it. I'll figure it out when I have a bit more time.